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Aquorks Tailored Courses

Commercial Fishing Training Courses

1.Navigation Courses

2.Fish Handling Courses

3.Fishing Equipment and Vessels courses

Aquaculture Training Courses

1.Fish Biology

2.Water Quality Management

3.Feed Formulations

Fisheries Management Training Courses

1.Fish Population Dynamics




Marketing Training Courses

1.Basic Marketing

2.Market research

3.Market Behavioral Studies

4.Market Strategy

5.Digital Marketing

6.Fisheries Marketing

Business Development Training Courses

1.Business Management

2.Entrepreneurship Development

3.Fisheries Business Development

4.Digital Marketing

5.Financial Management

6.Supply Chain Management

Technology and IT Training Courses

1.Fisheries Technology

2.Fish Processing Technology

3.Aquaculture Engineering

4.Fisheries Management

5.GIS for Fisheries

6.IT for Fisheries

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